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It is human nature that we need a variety of everything in our lives. A variety of food is also our need. Good food can change our mood swings in just a few minutes. To get the variety of food, Japanese foods provide us a variety of dishes that are easily available in Pakistan. Japanese foods have many health benefits. Japanese foods are low in calories and enriched with nutrients. These foods reduce the risk of cancer. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Lahore like The Rice Bowl and Wasabi Gulberg, Lahore.  But Bamboo Union is one of the best and top-rated Japanese restaurants in Lahore. Bamboo Union provides the best quality Japanese dishes. It is a real Pan Asian restaurant in Gulberg, Lahore. It is acknowledged by the visitors of Bamboo Union that it is one of the finest Japanese restaurants. Because Bamboo Union maintains the quality of Japanese foods by using fresh vegetables and health-friendly ingredients. They have plenty of delicious Japanese foods and they provide home delivery and takeaway too.

Here is the list of some Japanese dishes that makes the Bamboo Union one of the finest Japanese Restaurant in Lahore.

California Roll

A California roll is also known as California maki. It is usually rolled inside out and contains cucumber, crab, and avocado. It gives a sweet flavor because of tropical fruits. It is super healthy and fills the craving of our stomach. Its healthy ingredients provide a satisfactory feeling. It is enriched with nutrients and provides heavy protein. It contains 225 calories. Bamboo Union provides the best crunchy California roll at an affordable price. So, if you want something delicious and healthy in your dining must give a try to California rolls of Bamboo Union.

Salmon Poke Bowl

Salmon poke bowl is just a wonderful dish. The beauty of this delicious and spicy food is that we can make it easily by using simple ingredients. Salmon poke bowl is so much beneficial for health. Some of its ingredients are avocado, garlic, onion, and carrots. And we all know that these all ingredients do wonder for human health. These are enriched with minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, all of these increase our immune system and support our overall health. Especially in summers salmon poke bowl provides a cozy and fresh feeling to our stomach. The aroma of fresh and colorful vegetables provides a refreshing feeling to our eyes and stomach. Bamboo Union provides the best version of Salmon poke bowl with excellent taste. That’s why; it is the most famous and finest Japanese restaurant in Lahore.

Rainbow Roll

The rainbow roll is easily adaptable to the ingredients that are easily available in our kitchen cabinet. It is a type of uramaki sushi. It is made of different types of fishes like salmon, tuna, white fish, eel, snapper, and yellowtail. Some fruits like avocado and slices of mango can also be used to make it more delicious. Rainbow roll has some similarities to California roll. The name of this dish is so amazing and attractive. Why it is called rainbow roll?  It is because of the colorful pattern of fish and fruits that resembles so much with rainbow. Rainbow rolls are especially for those people, who want variety in their calories. It has 476 calories which help to reduce our health issues.

Best Japanese Restaurant Lahore – Bamboo Union

Bamboo Union provides a guarantee to maintain the best quality of Japanese foods along with an excellent taste of cuisine. It has a wonderful ambiance, very good food, and very courteous customer service. Japanese restaurant Lahore is a highly recommended option for anybody who is looking for a nice Japanese dinner.

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