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Japanese food in Lahore as we know is the widely famous among crazy foodies in around the city. And when it comes to sushi, eating raw fish is no longer frowned upon in Pakistan, whether you want it raw, sashimi-style, flash-fried as part of a sushi roll, or cut up in a Poke-style sushi bowl. As it is one of the most favorite eat out dish, Bamboo Union becomes the go to spot and the best sushi restaurant in Lahore. Today we’ll be telling you history of this flavorsome cuisine and reason of it being oh so famous. Let’s have a look.

History of Sushi

The first thing to understand is that “sushi” does not necessarily imply “raw fish.” It is essentially a meal of vinegar rice with a variety of contents and garnishes, including raw fish. Sushi was first created as a method of preserving fish when fermented rice was used to keep seafood fresh for up to a year. This was called narezushi, and the rice was tossed out and just the fish was eaten. A later variation known as namanarezushi, which was established in the 16th century, introduced the notion of utilizing vinegar rice that was consumed rather than thrown away, and which is still appreciated today, notably in Kyoto, Japan’s historic capital. Masayoshi Kazato, a sushi expert, explains more.

Sushi has been around for an incredibly long time, but not in its current form. Sushi’s history is a fascinating narrative about the growth of a simple meal. Around China, in the second century A.D, the precursor of sushi was first referenced. Sushi originated as a method of food preservation. Fish was put in rice and left to ferment, allowing the fish to be kept edible for a long period. The rice was discarded, and the fish was consumed as required or desired. By the seventh century, the practice had expanded throughout China and had reached Japan, where fish has long been a mainstay. The Japanese, on the other hand, took the idea a step further and began eating rice with their fish. Originally, the dish was made in a similar fashion. Matsumoto Yoshiichi of Edo (now Tokyo) began flavoring rice with rice wine vinegar while making ‘sushi’ for sale in the early 17th century. This allowed the meal to be consumed right away, rather than waiting months for the ‘sushi’ to be prepared.

Evolution of Sushi

Sushi, a once-exclusively Japanese eating experience, has now progressed beyond conventional Japanese practices to a new level. New varieties of sushi have emerged as a result of Western influences, such as California rolls and the numerous sophisticated ‘fusion’ compositions served at upmarket sushi restaurants. Sushi has a lengthy history, at least 1,800 years, but the contemporary version is popular all around the world, and properly so. It’s not every day that something so singularly cultural can not only take the world by storm but also influence the eating trends of other civilizations. Sushi’s popularity is only growing from Japanese food in Lahore and it appears to be evolving. Traditional sushi restaurants coexist with fusion sushi restaurants in Lahore, both of which are popular for different reasons.

Why is Sushi so special?

Sushi is often prepared to be eaten with your fingers. Nigiri sushi, often known as “hand-pressed sushi,” is one of them. Although it may be tempting to learn how to eat sushi with chopsticks, sushi is meant to be eaten with your hands. Tamaki is meant to be eaten with one’s fingers because of its lengthy form. Chopsticks are difficult and inappropriate to use with various types of sushi. Keep in mind that sushi was initially designed to be eaten “on the go.” You may even order “oshibori” at a handful of high-end eateries (a steaming hot towel).

Best Sushi at Bamboo Union

If you are carving for Japanese food in Lahore there a right place for you. The first Pan Asian Diner in Lahore is Bamboo Union. We provide a wide range of Asian foods, and we’re always tweaking and experimenting with our menu to guarantee that you have an unforgettable culinary experience. And is the best sushi restaurant in Lahore.

Bamboo Union is a top Japanese restaurant in Gulberg and DHA Phase 5 in Lahore, we serve delectable cuisine that is a great joy for visitors. Get your hands on a plate of your favorite sushi. Sushi balls, nigiri, teppanyaki, and maki rolls are all available on our extensive sushi menu. The Mango Maki is a people’s favorite, with a delicious but tempting flavor. Other than sushi, our union Special Platter, which features a distinctive platter with Salmon Nigiri, California Maki, Tempura Maki, and Salmon Maki, is another great option for family reunions.

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