Best Grilled Fish in Lahore by Bamboo Union

On a chilly day, who wouldn’t love to have a tasty plate of their favorite seafood with a side of crunchy bread? And when it comes to our city, Grilled Fish in Lahore is to die for. Isn’t it? Get the Best Grilled Fish in Lahore, offered by us. Bamboo Union is a Pan-Asian eatery that serves high-quality Asian cuisine from throughout the globe. It is serving the Lahore’s best-grilled fish, including other desirable seafood options. Bamboo Union has been rated the finest seafood restaurant in Lahore which serves dishes like salmon Sushi balls, Pad Thai Chicken and Grilled fish. Seafood of all sorts, and kinds are famous among people of all ages, and is delicious with all recipes it’s cooked.

If you are a foodie, you have to try these dishes served by Bamboo Union. A wide range of Asian cuisines are accessible, including. Bamboo Union is an excellent place to go if you’re seeking for seafood. Seafood is readily accessible, especially in the winter. Bamboo Union specializes on a wide range of cuisines and serves exquisite seafood dinners to its loyal customers. Let’s take a look at the top three seafood we were discussing after hearing about Bamboo Union:

Fiery Tempura Prawns

Looking for seafood, who wouldn’t lock their eyes on prawns on the menu? Fiery Tempura Prawns ever heard of them? So, these are fantastic in every aspect, from their size to the batter to the presentation! In a matter of seconds, these delectable slices will be gone. The greatest thing was that the prawns weren’t dripping in oil, and the sauce that came with them was delicious. The soup and the prawns gave us a million distinct sensations that we couldn’t put into words. Isn’t that mouthwatering?

Tamarind Fish

How can we discuss about Grilled fish in Lahore cuisine without mentioning tamarind fish? Fish is a well-known dish that is sure to please your taste senses and is considered as Best grilled fish in Lahore. When paired with a homemade, one-of-a-kind tamarind sauce, it will heighten your feelings. The fish is presented in a lovely way, with squares of deep-fried crispy fish. The flavor is well preserved within, and fried fish with my unique tamarind sauce is a delight. To make it even better, serve it with fried egg rice, sticky rice, cowmen, or garlic rice. Isn’t that ideal for a dinner party?

Kung Pao Fish

Kung Pao Fish, hungry already? Bamboo Union is one of the known restaurants serving the tastiest Kang Pao Fish. You might be thinking what’s so special about Kung Pao Fish at Bamboo Union? As we all know the stir-fried fish has the perfect blend of sweetness, spice, and saltiness. Basic spices like as soy sauce, vinegar, cornstarch, and chili paste are used to marinate the meat. Kung Pao sauce has a rich taste that is sweet, acidic, aromatic. Talking about this mouthwatering seafood, let’s see what more do we have to offer. Other than these three most popular fish we have, yet more for your choice given below.

Prawn Gravy

Prawns are the most popular choice. Prawn Gravy is a delicious meal made with boiling prawns, zucchini, basil leaves, and Thai bird chilies in a Thai red chili sauce. Fresh prawns, onions, tomatoes, and spice powders are used to make a delicious prawn sauce. It immediately becomes aromatic, spicy, and delectable all at the same time.

Fish Chilli Dry

Fish cooked in a spicy red chili sauce with ginger and green chili is a delectable and addicting Chinese dish. Fish Chili Dry is a filling appetizer or side dish that may stand alone. The hot and spicy chilies bring spice to the batter-fried soft fish served over egg rice or garlic rice, while the soya sauce lends creamy sweetness and the bell peppers and onions add crunch.

Best Grilled fish in Lahore and much more at Bamboo Union

You will find a variety of Asian cuisines at Bamboo Union, all of which are known for their bold flavors and vibrant colors. Rice, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, chiles, and soy are common ingredients in many cultures throughout the region, while stir-frying, steaming, and deep-frying are the most common cooking methods. This restaurant’s most enticing feature is ambiance, which is great for photography in these days and ages when sharing experiences on social media is fashionable.

If you want the best grilled fish in Lahore, you will get the grilled fish in Lahore only form Bamboo Union served with a taste that would make you crave for it again and again. Best Grilled fish in Lahore 

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