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Bamboo Union is a Pan-Asian eatery specializing in high-quality Asian cuisine from throughout the globe. Their goal is to bring the best seafood in Lahore in one spot. Bamboo Union is known as the best seafood restaurant in Lahore. The best thing about this restaurant is the ambience, which is ideal for taking photos in these days and age when sharing experiences on social media is in trend. As a result, you’ll be able to create funny images and films based on the setting effortlessly. The ambience is fantastic, but the food is excellent as well. However, after seeing the food presentation, you’ll discover that the restaurant is a perfect combination of superb cuisine and presentation.

The following are the top seafood dishes that make Bamboo Union one of Lahore’s most popular restaurants.


Sashimi is raw meat, usually fish that is thinly sliced and eaten without rice. Sashimi is known for being one of Japan’s most well-known dishes. Salmon sashimi can   you lose weight and stay in a healthy weight range. In addition, the fish may help regulate appetite-controlling hormones and make you feel satiated. Consuming protein-rich salmon increases metabolic rate, and omega-3 fatty acids may aid in the loss of belly fat in overweight people.

Fish Chilli Dry

Fish cooked in a hot red chilli sauce with ginger and green chilli makes a delectable and addicting Chinese dish. Fish Chilli Dry is a delicious and filling appetizer or side dish. You can experience the perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavours in this delectable Chinese dish. The hot and spicy chillies bring heat, the soya sauce lends creamy sweetness, and the bell peppers and onions add crispness to the batter-fried soft fish making it a main course that can eaten with egg rice or garlic rice.


Sushi is the most popular seafood dish served at the best seafood restaurant in Lahore. It’s a Japanese cuisine that consists of raw or cooked fish, vegetables, and vinegar-seasoned rice. Pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce are frequently served on the side. Sushi as we know is a far cry from its humble beginnings. Sushi was first made with fermented fish and salted rice, and it was a famous dinner in Japan for a thousand years until the Edo Period, when modern sushi was made. Sushi’s name means “it’s sour,” referring to the food’s origins as a salt-preserved dish.

Fiery Tempura Prawns

If you are craving seafood in Lahore, fiery Tempura Prawns are a must-try, because of their size to the batter and how they will be served to you, crispy and crunchy, making it fantastic in every way! These delectable slices of prawns will be gone within seconds of their arrival. The accompanying sauce takes fiery tempura prawns on another level. This special sauce will satisfy your taste buds because of the taste and makes this a perfect appetizer while you wait for the main course.

Tamarind Fish

Fried fish is a meaty delicacy that thrills your taste senses and enhances your emotions when served with a handmade unique tamarind sauce that will delight your taste buds and elevates your emotions. To make it even more delectable, you can serve it with fried egg rice, sticky rice, chowmein, or garlic rice. Tamarind is beneficial to your health in many ways, from strengthening your immune to protecting your liver and heart against disease. As it is high in fiber and low in fat, which may help with weight loss.

Grilled Fish

River sole fillet seasoned and cooked to perfection in a spicy sauce. As we all know, fish is high in protein and low in fat. It does, however, contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to keep your heart healthy by lowering blood pressure. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been related to better brain growth and function. Grilling is a better alternative to frying. Grilled meat has a lower fat content than other meats. This is because the fat from the heart drips off while it cooks. Furthermore, grilled foods have fewer calories than fried foods.

Kung Pao Fish

In Lahore, fish is the most popular and widely consumed seafood. Fish stir-fried with the ideal balance of salty, sweet, and spicy tastes! When sprinkled with crunchy peanuts, Kung Pao fish is difficult to resist. The sauce and marinade contain soy sauce, vinegar, cornstarch, and chilli paste. Kung Pao sauce has a rich flavour that is sweet, acidic, and aromatic and has the traditional sensation of heat from Sichuan pepper.

Best Seafood Restaurant in Lahore Bamboo Union

If you are craving for seafood, google search for the best seafood restaurants in Lahore. Bamboo Union is a Pan-Asian restaurant in Lahore that serves the most incredible seafood in Lahore, with a diverse menu of delectable seafood dishes that no one can resist. Bamboo Union is noted for performing a variety of cuisines under one roof and for its outstanding customer service, quality, and flavour.

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