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Pan-Asian basically means special dishes from different cultures and nations from entire continent of Asia. Bamboo Union is the very first to offer Asian foods Lahore from different cultures and nations. They serve variety of amazing and delicious dishes from all around the Asia and they keep on working hard on their menu and try their best to provide the best food in the town. Bamboo Union aims to offer the unique taste to your taste buds and the food is finger licking good and they take care of hygiene very strictly and they make their food with Fresh organic vegetables, fresh meat and the ingredients and herbs are in fine quality and fresh too.

Pan–Asian menu includes spicy curry dishes in many more unique varieties, meat, vegetables, rice dishes from Vietnam, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many more. So if you want to experience something, not from traditional or daily routine food then you must try Asian Pan Food as it has a variety of food and vibes and love from different nation’s cultures.

Here is the List of Best Pan Asian Dinner that you must try at Bamboo Union Lahore.

Beef Bibimbap

This is a Korean traditional dish in which is served with delicious steamed rice topped with different seasoned vegetables and Beef. The taste is developed by using Korean red pepper traditional paste called ‘Gochujang.’ Everything is mixed together in a bowl that includes beef as well. It looks like a wonderfully colorful mixture of food in a bowl which is finger-licking good because everything added in this bowl is balanced. There are many Asian foods in Lahore which Bamboo Union serves.

Basil Chicken

It is a minced chicken dish cooked in spicy basil sauce and it is topped with fresh basil leaves. It is a little bit sweet as basil leaves have a nice sweet taste to them. It is a pan stir-fried dish that can be eaten with steamed rice as well. This is a perfect dish if you are looking for something delicious yet simple. This dish is one of the Thai dishes and it is mouth-watering and healthy!

Green Curry

 This Green Curry is AMAZING! There are sliced chicken pieces loaded in Coconut Curry with Galangal, some lemongrass added, and Lime and Basil. It is a perfect combo if you are looking for a warm coziness home-cooked meal feeling, this is what you should try. It has a sweet taste as well as it gives you a pleasant aroma as you take your bite and the taste is heavenly delicious! This is a win-win situation for your craving attacks!

PAD Ki Mao

 Everyone loves noodles and this is a stir-fried beef cooked with bird chili, Basil, and Bok Choy and added loads of Rice Noodles. This is a highly recommended Thai dish which is also called Drunken Noodles. These beef noodles are spicy yet extremely delicious and it gives you a pure Thai taste as it is famous in Thailand as well. It is the perfect choice of food if you are under weather and you want to enjoy some comfort and warm coziness.

Szechuan Gravy Fish\Prawns

Fresh Prawns\ river sole fillet that is added to spicy Szechuan sauce and cooked together to form an amazing, delicious taste. It is one of the best Chinese foods available and served you by Bamboo Union. This is also on the front of the menu as it holds a strong yet extremely good, not way too much spicy. Szechuan gravy prawns or fillet with steamed white rice is a perfect combo for you!

Best PAN Asian Foods Lahore: Bamboo Union

Bamboo Union not just offers pan Asian foods but they also offer you quality as well. Bamboo Union is located at 95B-D\1, Main Boulevard, Gulberg 3, Lahore. Bamboo Union serves one of the best Asian foods in Lahore.

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